Based on THE LOST WORDS by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris

At a time when the future of the planet is more of an issue for young people than it has ever been, we will lead young people in an exploration of the natural world through creative activities using the bestselling book The Lost Words, by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris.

To deliver these sessions, Acorn are working closely with Fabula Arts - check out their website for more information. 


  • KS2 Primary School pupils (NC Years 3 – 6)
  • Home-Ed students aged 7 – 13
  • Holiday Club/Activity children aged 7 – 13


Why? - Aims of the Sessions

  • To allow pupils to engage and connect with the natural world
  • To develop creative and literacy skills in young people
  • To use the Creative Arts and The Lost Words to inspire a love of nature


We are able to deliver three different workshops (see below):

  • Art Workshop
  • Drama Workshop
  • Creative Writing Workshop

We can tailor workshops to fit specific themes outlined by schools. Otherwise, our focus will be on the venue where we are delivering the workshops, i.e. THE FOREST! 

The workshops can be delivered individually, or through a combination of workshops delivered throughout the day. Each individual workshop can be delivered to up to 18 children at once. 

Prices start at £50 plus £25 per hour.

Art Workshop

The art workshop will combine exploration, problem solving and a variety of artistic techniques (including natural mark making, making nature paint brushes, sculpture and much more). It will encourage participants to be creative both on an individual and collaborative level. There will be opportunities to develop skills on an individual basis but also the chance to work and learn from others in making group based art work.  The premise of the art session is to encourage young people to be creatively expressive and discover new ways in which they can be creative through art. 

Session outcomes include:

  • Pupils will use natural materials to create art
  • Pupils will explore the relationship between creativity and nature and assess how nature can inspire art

Drama Workshop

The drama workshop will focus on character. We shall try to use “lost words”  and connect it to the forest where the session is taking place. Through drama games and activities, pupils will explore detailed characteristics of various creatures and plants as well as how they move. So, by the end of the session they will have explored the characters of the natural world that exist within the setting.

Session outcomes include:

  • Pupils will use drama techniques to create personified characters which they can use in creative writing pieces
  • Pupils will use movement and physical theatre skills to explore the movement of creatures and plants

Creative Writing Workshop

The creative writing workshop will focus on the setting. We shall use the forest to explore how to bring the place alive in writing through use of language. Pupils will work with simple linguistic devices (verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, imagery, sensory description) to produce a detailed description of the natural world.

Session outcomes include:

  • Pupils will expand their vocabulary
  • Pupils will engage with the language of the natural world
  • Pupils will develop technical skills for writing a setting in creative writing